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crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour
crafty cat behaviour
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What the cat dragged in - This is an ongoing feature describing what our cats bring to us as gifts! Normally it's birds, mice and occassioanlly rabbits. But what is the most unusual thing your cat has brought home? Let us all know.
Megan - After Squilly (the near Siamese) received negative feedback when bringing birds home he improvised. After a few trial runs in the puddles around the garden and in the driveway one very rainy weekend, he disappeared to the back of the house where a stream runs through some overgrown unused land. Now he fishes - for leaves. Even in dry weather he brings home shiny wet leaves. Big or small, green or yellow, all different types, but always wet. Sometimes even twigs and once a long overgrown weed. His best prize yet was probably a (disgusting) shredded, muddy piece of plastic. But we're just happy that it's not birds.
Jennie - My cat Rosie used to bring home iced buns in her younger days! No idea where from, but she used to appear regularly with them!
Vicky - My 3 Cats have a Frog that they keep bringing in, alive I might add. They like to drop it on the sofa next to us which as you can imagine is quite disturbing when it then leap 6 feet in the air during a crucial scene in Eastenders. It doesn't seem to matter where we put this frog they always find it and bring it back. Have you ever heard a frog scream it turns your blood cold.
Debbie - My young cat Abbie proudly brings in wetas - three last night! For those of you who dont know what a weta is a grotesque looking brownish insect which can gorw up to the six of a mouse. They bite but are not poisonous. Uglier than your average roach, these insects put fear into many a Kiwi kid. This is a common night-time "present" for New Zealand cat owners. I have heard stories of people waking up to their loving cat having dropped one in their sleeping mouth!
Uta - My littel neutred Tomcat Clooney used to supply us, with loafs of bread, bacon, frozen fish (all still packed in plastic!) and other human-food for one winter. Unsuspicious neighbours might left their groceries on the porch, to safe space in the fridge.
Another cat of mine once brought us a very lively budgie (australian parot), since we couldn't find the owner. This budgy became a new family member.
Charlene - Mineau, a newly saved stray I had taken in, loved his new home at the ocean, although much different from the city atmosphere he had been living in. One day he made the discovery of seafood (sort of), and I came home to seashells on the steps....he knew they smelled of the wonderful "seafood" smell, but just couldnt figure out how to get the food out! He pranced around the shells with all the pride you can imagine!
Maxine - Last summer our kitten of 13 months brought us home a present and left it on the doormat. When we came outside my husband looked down and saw a square piece of wood with a dangly bit at the bottom. We turned it over to find our loving pet had not only brought home a mouse, but the mousetrap as well! We told our vet and he said he had never heard of a cat carrying a mousetrap, I wonder if the owner of the trap wondered were it went!!!
Sarah - In one year, a cat of mine brought in (over a 6 foot high fence, through a cat flap and up a flight of stairs) - over 100 rabbits, all alive and most fully grown (almost as big as the cat), birds so young they didn't have feathers (again, alive). Numerous cheese and pickle sandwiches in plastic bags, 3 snakes, 5 lizards, 6 water rats (all dead and hidden under the cushions on the sofa), hundreds of earth worms still covered in mud and an old shoe. We never did work out the earth worm one, but the garage next door were always complaining about missing lunches. :o)
Ann - Chocolate mainly - jaffa cakes, pieces of chocolate, and most touchingly the last Rolo of a packet, still with silver foil around it!
Mariam - When she is extremely pleased? She rummages through the (open) washing basket and brings me the stinkiest sock she can find (usually from my husband :o) Just debating if my husband's socks remind her of dead mice??
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