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Crafty Cat Behaviour and Feline Psychology forum. A helping hand to understand your pet. The cat behaviour section has a number of resources to help you understand more about your cat. From cat behaviour books, behaviourists and cven cat behaviour courses that will help you understand feline psychology. The reference section will help you find a particular topic and give you a cats instinctive and typical behaviour.

crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour
crafty cat behaviour
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Repellents smells to cats have been known since the Roman times, when they would use oil from crushed leaves to deter cats. This plant was called 'Rue'. It is a small but aromatic bush. The oil of the 'Rue' bush is reported to be very effective when placed near the place you want to keep your cat away from.

In these modern times when we want to prevent or deter our felines from destroying our best furniture, carpets etc we can use equally as effective methods.

By rubbing a raw onion on the area to be protected.

Definately nasel abuse to the cats delicate and sensitive nose.

If the cat is very unhappy for whatever reason it will move its behavioural expression to somewhere else, and you could end up chasing the problem rather than solving it. Try to understand why the cat is behaving the way it is rather than with 'chemical warfare'!

The reason for your cat's behaviour maybe due to an underlying medical reason. If you are concerned about your cat, always consult your vet or a cat behaviourist for professional, qualified advice.
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