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Crafty Cat Behaviour and Feline Psychology forum. A helping hand to understand your pet. The cat behaviour section has a number of resources to help you understand more about your cat. From cat behaviour books, behaviourists and cven cat behaviour courses that will help you understand feline psychology. The reference section will help you find a particular topic and give you a cats instinctive and typical behaviour.

crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour
crafty cat behaviour
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The cat was first domesticated when its hunting efficiency was realised as a great asset for us humans in protecting our precious grain stores from vermin.

The cat as a whole, its teeth, claws and physique, are designed to be the ultimate hunter.

Cats learn to hunt as early as in the nest at six weeks old. The mother will bring dead prey for the young to eat. From this she will bring partially dead prey for her litter to learn to kill and develop their own hunting skills.

Cats are crepuscular hunters, ie twilight hunters, being dawn and dusk. This is the time when their prey are most vulnerable and the cat able to see very clearly and hunt most efficiently.

Many cats live double lives, being the cute fireside puss to a ferocious heartless killer. These cats do not need to kill to feed themselves as they are fed by their owners. Hunting is a natural urge that cats posses.

The reason for your cat's behaviour maybe due to an underlying medical reason. If you are concerned about your cat, always consult your vet or a cat behaviourist for professional, qualified advice.
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