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Crafty Cat Behaviour and Feline Psychology forum. A helping hand to understand your pet. The cat behaviour section has a number of resources to help you understand more about your cat. From cat behaviour books, behaviourists and cven cat behaviour courses that will help you understand feline psychology. The reference section will help you find a particular topic and give you a cats instinctive and typical behaviour.

crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour
crafty cat behaviour
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Fussy feeders
Here are a few pointers that may help overcome a fussy eater.

Don't serve food straight from the fridge, cats don't like their food cold. It is unpleasant for them on the tongue and also warmer food releases more aroma therefore being more appealing.

Don't serve food close to the cat's litter tray. Cat's are very clean and hygenic animals and won't like eating in their bathroom area!

Don't leave food out uncovered for any length of time. More than likely the food will dry out or go off and even attract flies which the cat won't like.

If you want to try and introduce your cat to a new type of food try mixing a little in with its existing food and and if all goes well try increasing the percentage mix over a period of time so that the cat get used to it and gradually moves over to it's new food. This method will also help the cat's digestive system adapt to it's new food.

If your cat suddenly loses weight consult your vet immediately.

Until fairly recently feline obesity wasn't to much of a problem. The containment of some cats and reduced amount of exercise they therefore have can be a contributing reason. Presenting over large portions of food at a sitting cat encourage the cat to gorge itself. Multi cat households can increase tension between the animals and encourage some cats to overeat and other to not eat enough.

Try reducing the portions in size to accomodate the amount that your cat actually needs. Try increasing the amount of time that you play with your cat to help it 'burn off' some excess weight.

The reason for your cat's behaviour maybe due to an underlying medical reason. If you are concerned about your cat, always consult your vet or a cat behaviourist for professional, qualified advice.
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