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Crafty Cat Behaviour and Feline Psychology forum. A helping hand to understand your pet. The cat behaviour section has a number of resources to help you understand more about your cat. From cat behaviour books, behaviourists and cven cat behaviour courses that will help you understand feline psychology. The reference section will help you find a particular topic and give you a cats instinctive and typical behaviour.

crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour
crafty cat behaviour
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Lashing the tail from side to side is an indication of anger, but when the tail is held stiff and extended behind it is a sign that the cat is about to attack. Most attacking cats will show a mix of fear and agression when the unavoidable situation of physical contact arrives.

The scenario is usually as follows:
One cat spots a rival cat on on near his/her terriotry. The territorial cat will stand tall making itself as large and formidable as possible and an accompanying sound of deep growling. The attacker will approach the rival cat with a slow deliberate manor watching very carefully for any hint of movement from the invader.

As the two approach each other an unusual head twist occurs from each cat as if to threaten an imminant fatal bite.

If one or the other don't back down and retreat or run away a period of deadlock occurs - a frozen stalemate that lasts for some time.

The reason for your cat's behaviour maybe due to an underlying medical reason. If you are concerned about your cat, always consult your vet or a cat behaviourist for professional, qualified advice.
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