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Crafty Cat Behaviour and Feline Psychology forum. A helping hand to understand your pet. The cat behaviour section has a number of resources to help you understand more about your cat. From cat behaviour books, behaviourists and cven cat behaviour courses that will help you understand feline psychology. The reference section will help you find a particular topic and give you a cats instinctive and typical behaviour.

crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour
crafty cat behaviour
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Cats can sometimes be destructive around the house, scratching at doors, clawing at furniture and carpets. Sometimes there is a reason for this behaviour. Try to work out why the cat is doing this maybe the cat is feeling threatened or insecure due to a threat on its territory or new scent that have invaded the home - you will need to help the cat establish its home as a safe place.

There are many cat scratching posts on the market with the added bonus of catnip added in the fabric or rope that encourage the cat to use it.

The key to an effective scratching post is the height, cats love to stretch up when they use the post so make sure it is tall enough before you waste any money.

You could always make your own with suitable rope and fabric covering. Make sure you don't use a similar covering to one you are trying to discourage the cat from destroying.

Cats however do need to condition their claws and will do so where they see fit. You could encourage your cat to use the scratching post by rewarding it as soon as it uses the scratching post. This way the cat will learn that this behaviour is recognised and the cat benefits from the treats. Try discouraging furniture clawing by using a fine spray of water when the cat is caught clawing. Do not scold or punish the cat as the cat will not understand why and will only build up resentment towards you.

The reason for your cat's behaviour maybe due to an underlying medical reason. If you are concerned about your cat, always consult your vet or a cat behaviourist for professional, qualified advice.
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